A Multi-Purpose Work Platform

From Alaska to Mexico, the SlotMachine™ has been helping maintain railroads since 1992. It consists of a series of short gondolas without the end bulkheads. The onboard excavator is free to move throughout the unit (378 feet) while seated safely on the floor. Since the excavator works from the floor of the car, short work windows can be used effectively. Set-up and lock down of the equipment takes only minutes, allowing almost the entire work window to be used productively. The versatility of the SlotMachine™ allows performance of a wide variety of maintenance jobs with the same machine.

Heavy Ditching: 250 tons per hour
Tie Pickup: 1500 ties per hour
Rail Pickup: 3600 ft. per hour
Tie Distribution: 2000 ties per hour
Riprap Placement: 450 tons per hour
Receive Spoils: 150 tons per hour

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Download the SlotMachine™ detailed spec sheet 1

Download the SlotMachine™ detailed spec sheet 2

Download the SlotMachine™ detailed spec sheet 3

Slot Machine Specifications:

  • 378' and 178' lengths available
  • 550 net tons of capacity
  • Ditching at 250 tons per hour
  • Off-load 450 tons per hour
  • No climbing from car to car



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