The SPS Self-Powered Slot™

Independent Work Platform

The SPS is self-powered, consisting of end-less gondola cars. The on-board track-hoe is free to move throughout the unit while seated safely on the floor.

Ditching is performed at 250 tons per hour. The SPS carries 500 net tons or 12,015 cuft. of material. Off-loading is performed at speeds of up to 450 tons per hour.

Additional tonnage designs are available. Switching to a timber pick-up operation takes about an hour. The pick-up of either concrete or wooden ties is performed with the same oversized

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SPS Specifications:
Variable as noted below.

  • Operating Speed: 40 mph – 55 mph
  • Wireless control at work site
  • On-board track-hoe with attachments
  • 30,000 – 50,000 lbs. tractive effort
  • Modern safety features
  • 9,585 cubic ft – 12,015 cu. Ft. capacity
  • Length: 246 – 428
  • No work-train needed



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