Self-Loading DumpTrain™

Based on our DumpTrain™ designs, the Spoils Receiver is a simple and effective tool for working with undercutters like an RM80. The Spoils Receiver takes material discharged from an undercutter. At 450 tons, it eliminates the time-consuming process of switching out full side-dump or gondola cars.

Continuous production for the undercutter makes for shorter work windows and less track time usage. Discharge of the spoils is made more effective because the DumpTrain™ discharges at a very high speed with a 35-foot boom conveyor.

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SRS Specifications:

  • Receive rate: 500 tons per hour
  • Discharge rate: 1500 tons per hour
  • Capacity: 450 net tons
  • Discharge boom conveyor: 35 ft., 180 deg.



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