Track Inspection Technology

Accurate Assessment of the Ballast Profile
Take the guesswork out of maintaining optimal track conditions by easily determining your exact ballast needs.

BallastSaver™ enhances the performance of GREX's GateSync Ballast Delivery System by greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of ballast placement. Utilizing state of the art LIDAR technology, an encoder wheel and videography, the system measures the existing profile for comparison with the Railroad's "ideal" profile. Once the required amount of ballast is determined, the data is fed directly into the GateSync System for automated delivery.

  • Remove the subjectivity from ballast management
  • Dump only the amount of ballast needed
  • Plan your Annual Ballast Program using BallastSaver™ Data
  • Optimize the annual spend on ballast
  • Compliments and enhances GREX's GateSync™ Services

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